Hydraulic Piston Briquette Machine BH 100

Hydraulic Press Briquette Machines - for smaller scale production

Hydraulic Piston Briquette Machine BH 100

Hydraulic piston extruders or hydraulic press briquette: for those with small amounts of waste.

Equipment that uses a hydraulically driven piston. The material to be compacted is fed laterally by a screw. A front piece opens the plunger to expel the briquette when it reaches the desired pressure. Ideal for smaller productions and recovery and cleaning companies that generate smaller amounts of waste.


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Technical Specifications

Model:BH100A BH100B
Motor:(7.50kw) 10 *- (7.50kw) 10 CV
Briquette diameter:(2.9inch) 76 mm (2.9inch) 76 mm
Production:(66-198Lb/h) 15-90 m³/h (88-198Lb/h) 15-90 m³/h
Weight:840 kg 870 kg

Budgets, Applications and More Info