Vertical Pellet Machine

Pelletizer Lippel - Manufacture Biomass Pellets for Export or burning in boilers and furnaces

Vertical Pellet Machine

Take advantage of biomass residues such as sawdust or bagasse from sugar cane to produce high quality pellets.

Brazil is a country where biomass supply is vast, and has opened up a great opportunity to bid in Federal Government bio energy auctions.

In the international market opportunity is even greater: in Europe there is a demand by the year 2020 between 105 and 305 million tons of biomass for burning in power plants, industries, or for residential heating (see in this document – English version).

The fact is that the production of pellets using sawdust, wood waste, bagasse and other biomass has currently shown a great deal and it has a great future in times of globalization, where Brazil sign commercial partnerships with other countries.

Lippel offers all the necessary equipment for the production of pellets, with the necessary flexibility to the great diversity of existing biomass in Brazil, which can also be financed through the BNDES card.

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