Mechanical Piston Briquette Machine BL 55

Mechanical piston extruders - ideal to manufacture briquettes with various types of biomass.

Mechanical Piston Briquette Machine BL 55

The Mechanical Piston Briquetter Lippel BL 55 produces briquettes with a diameter of 53mm, with a production 300-500 kg / h, depending on the biomass used as raw material.

Lippel‘s mechanical briquette produce briquettes from 56 to 103mm in diameter. The compression takes place through blows on the biomass by a piston propelled through two flywheels.

From the storage silo (aerial or underground) the biomass is transferred to a feeder and then briquetted in a cylindrical shape.

The flywheel is used to store kinetic energy to sustain continuous operation that requires a great amount of power.


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Technical Specifications

Model:BL 55
Power rating:40 HP
Production:300 - 500 m³/h
Vertical screw:5 HP
Course:150 mm
Briquette diameter:53 mm
Weight:4000 kg

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