Screw Extrusion Briquete Machine for Biomass BEP 300

Screw extrusion briquetting – for medium scale production

Screw Extrusion Briquete Machine for Biomass BEP 300

Briquettes produced in international style, with greater volume and less weight.

This type of extrusion endless screw briquetter produces briquettes with central hole in a continuous process.

The BEP 300 briquetter Lippel works on the principle of continuous extrusion, yielding a product highly homogeneous, with high density and mechanical resistance greater than any other type of briquette produced domestically.

The heat and pressure in the matrix allow the use of resins of biomass as a natural binder, eliminating the use of artificial binders.

Features that make this product unique:

• Gearbox with oil-bath running on double ball-bearings supported shafts.
• Conic type matrix with anti-wear coating
• Rapid-exchange system of screw extrusion

Technical Specifications

Model:BEP 300
Power Required:30 CV
Production:150 - 400 m³/h
Briquette diameter:73 mm
Density:1000 - 1400 kg/m³
Engine Speed:800 RPM
Accessories:Cutter briquettes, smoke collector

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