Rotary Classifying Screen CLR 950x1500

Rotary Classifying Screens - Quality and Productivity in Classification

Rotary Classifying Screen CLR 950x1500

Rotary Screen to classify biomass, with the drum measuring 950 x 1500 mm.

    Structural steel plate (SAE 1020 specification)

    Rotary drum system

    Bearings with single roller bearings

    Control and engine protection, in the central control panel

Separating equipment separates and grades materials such as sawdust, fine chips, and impurities. By default the screen has a perforated plate of size 40 x 40 mm, but this can be scaled according to the material to be sifted, depending on customer needs.

Through transporters, the materials are released into the drum, and discharged onto the screen, which separates impurities from the good material. Conveyors collect the material from the other end of the screen. The rejected material is collected or removed by other conveyors.


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Technical Specifications

Model:CLR 950 x 1500
Power rating:2 HP
Production:5 - 8 m³/h
Diameter Barrel:950 x 1500 mm
Screen size:40 x 40 mm
Background painting:PU
Actuation:Reducer super sized

Budgets, Applications and More Info