Classifiers and Screens

Sieving and standardizing the biomass particles

See Classifiers and Screens


During processing of biomass for energy purposes, classification is necessary for uniformity and separation of particulates and wastes.  Lippel's classifiers separate materials of different natures as chips, sawdust, waste wood, sugar cane bagasse, bark among others.

The Disc Classifiers selects the chips and are an integral part in boiler feed systems.  The Rotary Screens remove strange materials or pieces in pelletizing or briquetting processes.

Selection of equipment

To the correct determination of the dimensions of the classification equipment is necessary to consider some data that should always be supplied by the client:

• Type of product being sorted;

• Apparent density or specific weight;

• Grading curve;

• Moisture content;

• Fractions of the desired product;

• The feeding capacity.

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