Screening and grading biomass particles

During the processing of biomass for energy, it is necessary to grade particles into uniform size ranges and separate waste. Lippel's products separate materials of different kinds such as sawdust, wood waste, sugar cane bagasse, and bark among others.

The Disk Classifiers screen the chips and they are a vital part in the boiler feed systems. On the other hand, the Rotary Classifying Screens have been specially designed for classification operations at the start of a waste recycling line, removing odd-sized pieces or foreign objects.

Choice of equipment

For correct dimensions of classification equipment, it is necessary to consider some data that the client needs to provide, such as:

• Type of product to be classified;

• Bulk density or specific gravity;

• Grading Curve;

• Moisture content;

• Fractions of the desired product;

• Feeding capacity.