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Forestry Chipper of the PFL series in high performance processing of whole trees

We are always surprising our customers with our line of PFL forestry chippers. Customers look at [...] Leia Mais

Delivery of PFL 400 x 700 Forestry Chipper to customer in Minas Gerais - Brazil

Lippel has recently delivered a PFL 400 x 700 MC for a customer in the state of Minas Gerais - [...] Leia Mais

How to carry out solid waste treatment for selective recycling

With the increase of products produced in industries, from food to other items for personal or [...] Leia Mais

Lippel Brush Chipper being used in solid waste management from urban pruning

Recently, Lippel has delivered a Brush Chipper model PTU 300 that will be used to manage solid [...] Leia Mais