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Urban cleaning of the cities with the Branch Chopper PDU 250 D

Paraíba is following the example of many states that are acquiring the Branch Chopper for [...] Leia Mais

Mining Company of South America working with Lippel Picador for Industrial Waste Solution.

Industrial waste is an environmental problem and its management must be conducted in an appropriate [...] Leia Mais

Technical Delivery - Branch chopper PDU 250G with trailer and tipping bucket.

PDU 250G Chopper / Crusher + RCB 5M³ Tilt Bucket Trailer Cuiabá and neighboring [...] Leia Mais

Bran Milling Machine PTU 300 - Solid Waste Volume Reduction Solution and Urban Cleaning

Mato Grosso has been an example after introducing Municipal Law No. 2,367 / 2013, which seeks the [...] Leia Mais