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  • Forest Wood Chipper Lippel PTML 240 / 320 x 600 Plus

  • Forest Wood Chipper PTML 240/320 x 600 Plus

  • Forestry Wood Chipper PTML 350/550 x 800

  • Wood Chipper PTML 240 / 320 x 600 Plus with rubberized infeed conveyor

  • Chipping whole trees with forestry chipper PFL 400 x 700 fed by crane

  • Mobile Drum Wood Chipper PFL 400 x 700 M - Chipping Urban Pruning

  • Forestry Wood Chipper PFL 400x700 M

  • Wood Chipper PFL 400 x 700 4TT

  • Branches Shredders BT-90

Forestry Drum Wood Chipper PFL 400 x 700 T

Drive by the power takeoff of the tractor which reduces investment, ideal for those who need mobility, without sacrificing high capacity.

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Hammer Mill Lippel MML 980

Versatility and Productivity in Milling

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Shredder Mobile for Recycling of Wood with Nails and Staples PTL 240 x 600 Roll On

Turn wood waste into chips, material with high calorific rate and in high demand for burning in boilers and furnaces industries.

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Mechanical Piston Briquette Machine BL 95

Mechanical piston extruders - ideal to manufacture briquettes with various types of biomass.

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Forestry Drum Wood Chipper PFL 300 x 500 M

Ótimo para quem precisa de mobilidade, sem abrir mão da alta capacidade.

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Firewood Splitter RTI 01R

By splitting large diameter logs, is facilitated handling and processing of wood to generate chips, for burning, etc..

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